23419 Walston Place Drive, Accomac, VA 23301

Walston Place looks as if it were a painted landscape- the restful image of an elegant home in the middle of a quiet field.  Framed by the feathery branches of ancient cypress trees and crepe myrtles, the mellowed brick ends and cheerful yellow clapboard of the main house and outbuildings creates a scene reminiscent of 1802 when the house was first completed and part of a working plantation. The home, tall and generously proportioned, embodies the beloved features characteristic to traditional Eastern Shore architecture.  With three sections, the big house, a long and low colonnade, and an unusually steep roofed kitchen, the home is as practical as it is beautiful, clearly cared for and loved with a meticulous hand and heart. 

A casual elegance emanates warmth rather than just nods to historical correctness at Walston. The current family has owned the farm for the past six decades and their dedication to maintaining every detail of the house and property is evidenced in its curated charm. The impressive craftsmanship of the home, the choice collection of Americana and European antiques inside, and the scattering of pretty gardens on the property will be admired by antiquarians, architectural historians and home bodies alike. Col. Christopher and Dr. Conya Needels, owners.