3350 Vaucluse Lane, Machipongo, Va 23405

Situated on a high bank near the mouth of Hungars Creek, Vaucluse was the seat of the prominent Upshur family from 1768 to 1844.  Littleton Upshur began construction of the main house in 1784, although a quarter kitchen wall may antedate the present dwelling. By 1829, his son, Abel Parker Upshur, had expanded the house and property, making one of the county’s grandest plantations. Young Upshur became Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of State under President John Tyler and was responsible for negotiating the treaty annexing Texas. His life ended tragically when, during a demonstration of a new cannon, it exploded, killing him and several observers. Vaucluse is of frame construction, with brick ends and chimneys, and distinguished interior woodwork.

Twin neoclassical porches adorn both facades of this one-room- deep building. A gracious living room welcomes the visitor and the spacious kitchen is open, relaxed and an obvious place to gather. A thoughtful 2005 addition and carriage house join seamlessly with older features as an adaptation to modern times. Although the plantation was subdivided, the park-like setting remains intact. Reputed to be a gift from Thomas Jefferson, a pecan tree shades the gardens and lawn that roll down to the water. Visitors can enjoy the formal garden fountain along with the exquisite herb garden while in the distance, a dock house beckons to be explored. Mr. and Mrs. David Rogers, owners.