2 South Street, Onancock VA 23417

The oldest house in Onancock, Scott Hall was built in 1769. When land was purchased to build Scott Hall, Virginia was still a colony of Great Britain. Originally constructed in a telescope style, the house is now a Dutch Colonial with a cedar shake roof. Interior highlights include floor-to-ceiling bookcases and a recently renovated master bath. On the landing between the first and second floors, original, exposed hand-hewn notched beams showcase the home’s history. First built with thick walls, alcoves and trap doors, it’s believed that Scott Hall was designed as a fortress. Many such features were corrected in a 2006 renovation.

Behind the house, the central branch of Onancock Creek is viewed beside the iron gates of the cemetery where 17 relatives of early Scott Hall owners are buried. The last naval engagement of the Revolutionary War, The Battle of the Barges, took place just beyond Onancock Creek. Commodore Zedekiah Whaley, while in command of the Protector Barge, perished in this battle on November 30, 1782. His exact burial site unknown, the U.S. government added Whaley’s headstone in the Scott Hall Cemetery in 1928. Open for the first time. Ms. Elizabeth A. Lankford, owner.

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